All of these methods are less likely to spoil your computing mood, because you’re less likely to do them by accident. When it’s sitting there doing nothing, the Zippy ‘board draws about one milliamp mA from its batteries. Sleep puts your ATX -compliant PC – assuming you have one – into sleep mode, if it knows how to do it. The button feel is fine, the wheel feel is rather light but at least the things click, you’re not likely to be pressing the side buttons by accident all the time, and it looks good, too. If you just plug the GreatEYE mouse in and start using it, it behaves as a normal three-button wheelie-mouse. If you press the Sleep key by accident, tough luck.

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The Power key makes up for the Wake key’s innocuousness, though. A game of Tribes 2 in which you’re just about to break a nil-all flag-capture deadlock in the last fifteen seconds of a two hour round does not count as “an mlavye with unsaved data”, in case you were wondering.

Well, have I got a couple of products for you. It’s not really big or really small, it’s not asymmetrical and so hard to use for left handers, its side buttons aren’t poorly placed. Well, not for humans, anyway. Dec 27, I don’t recommend anybody buy a mouse sight unseen; different people prefer different shapes and sizes of mouse, and “ergo” designs like this one don’t suit some people.

Adesso MCK800 Wired Keyboard

This side also has the two “mouse” buttons. As it is, it’s great if you need it and lousy if you don’t. Kllavye little Ortek keyboards have more specialised appeal.


That means it needs line of sight between the two transmitter LEDs under the dark plastic cover on the back of the keyboard and its receiver unit – but, like many remote controls, it’s not very touchy about alignment of the two components, as long as they’re not too far apart. Because this is a laptop keyboard, the keys are full-size, but there aren’t as many of them as usual.

There’s no numeric keypad, there’s no T-arrangement of cursor keys they’re on the bottom rank next to the shrunken space barand the F-key row is slightly miniaturised. They provide similar extras on some of their fancier full-size keyboards, including the older model “Eagle Touch” ‘boards I review here. The “IR” in its name indicates the communication method this keyboard uses; it’s infra-red.

Start of add to list layer.

Ortek MCK MultiMedia Internet Keyboard (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

For the money, this is a nice mouse. To make the keyboard look less like an escaped laptop component, Ortek have added a row of 14 little round buttons at the top. Are you, not to put too fine a point on it, impressed by shiny things?

Back to home page Return to top. The GreatEYE is, surprisingly, actually useable. Skip to main content. It works on pretty much any surface that isn’t translucent, transparent or reflective, and it never needs cleaning. Give Dan some money! If you just plug the GreatEYE mouse in and start using it, it behaves as a normal three-button wheelie-mouse.

Ortek MCK-800 MultiMedia Internet Keyboard

If you’re running Win98 or later, three of these buttons can do things without any special software. Or an klavyye one. But if you’re hammering away at your keyboard all day, you’ll probably prefer something a bit more solid. Your computer’s going into standby mode whether you like it or not, and mxk if there’s something somewhat important happening that standby mode would interrupt – like a dial-up Internet connection – will you get an are-you-sure prompt.


The similarity extends to the sculpted tail light at the back of the mouse. For general computing purposes, any yum cha full sized keyboard for half the price will give you better key feel, and proper cursor and numeric keys. And it’d look good on a cramped reception desk, too, as long as your receptionist either doesn’t have to do a lot of typing, or doesn’t mind doing it on a cheapo laptop ‘board.

The TrackPoint’s on the right hand side of the keyboard, and it’s easy to work it with your thumb. Press Power and, unless you’ve got applications with unsaved data, your ATX-compliant PC turns itself off quick smart. But it feels like typing on a piece of stale cheddar. Or it may go to standby, wake up when you want it to, then hang.

You can also see the right-hand set of eight little rubbery special function buttons; this lot are multimedia controls