Could you check fan speed under eg Kombustor? Please check with your supplier for exact offers. They call me Pro Asus Saaya yupp, I agree. Skill Memory Products G. These cables are used when an older powersupply does not contain enough 8 pin PCI express power cables to power the card.. This is a very welcomed feature for hardware enthusiasts, think of it like the “Clear CMOS” on a motherboard. GPU Tweak — Professional graphics overclocking tools for enthusiasts!

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As mentioned above, the card has two 8-pin supplementary power connectors, but it may be bundled with only one power adapter, so make sure you get another.

With the cooler removed you can really see the depth of a 3 slot wide card by looking at the PCI support bracket. P/2diw/1536md5 color means 2D or light 3D mode, red means heavy 3D load. P/2sis/1536md5 cardback plate and logo. There’s also a Safe Mode button for quick settings reset. ProbeIt — Instant voltage measurement! My ln2 pot doesn’t have a fan – any special belgium design?!

Note that core overclocking is bound btx580 raising voltage by default, and the utility increases voltage automatically at extreme overclocking to avoid damage. We offer the best hardware engineering, the fastest performance, the most innovating ideas, and we welcome the best gamers to join in.

Safe Mode is very useful for Overclockers and trouble shooting in a time crunch. The DCUII vtx580 uses direct heatsink to GPU Core contact of all five copper heatpipes, providing the most effective means of quickly transporting heat away from the graphics core and out to the aluminum fins to be taken away by the dual 90mm high flow PWM fans. Originally Posted by SoF.


The latest ASUS overclocking utility offers adjustment core and memory clocks, core voltage and fan speed on up to four cards setting getting live updates on drivers and BIOS to keep your graphics card protected viewing accurate card information with the most authoritative graphics card information tool GPU-Z saving your optimized settings into graphics card BIOS.

The Matrix heatsink acts as a graphics load indicator light blue lights on the Matrix logo represent a light load while red lights gtx5880 extreme work load conditions. This card is a custom product from ASUS designed for overclockers. These mods help the GPU surpass clock speeds upwards of MHz or more when operated at below freezing temperatures for example with Phase change cooling systems, Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen, or some lucky Canadians.

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JPG The Overclocking area has several previously unseen features like the handy manual fan override. JPG Enough about the retail box, p/2xis/1536md5 accessories and their uses! These holes are intentionally placed as to allow sufficient airflow for passive cooling of the cards printed circuit board.

ASUS Matrix GTX Platinum Unboxing Review GTX P/2DIS/MD5

Originally Posted by saaya. On the left side of the box we see pictures depicting the physical TweakIt voltage buttons. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. I mean, how thick is it? Above the GPUs 19 power phases is an additional 4 power phases for the GPU memory The extra power phases help with energy efficiency, power quality and overclocking potential.


Products may not be available in all markets. Near the bottom there is a nice photo of the GPU’s 19 phase power design as well as an exploded view of the Direct Copper II cooling system. I must note a large benefit of the dual 90mm fans is the noticeable reduction in noise p/2dis/136md5 by the cooler, this is apparent when idle and under full load.

Matrix Retail Box back.

Tweak, Game and Win with ASUS ROG MATRIX GTX580 Platinum graphics card

The time now is The above picture shows us four open circuits, easily accessible and conveniently labeled. Please check with your supplier for exact offers.

The Matrix Core is factory overclocked to MHz and is complemented with 1. The higher switching frequency provides a faster reaction time for the power phases to meet the varying GPU power demand.

Directly behind the power connectors are two sets of LED lights.