Robert, it’s already included since version 1. You can use these HTML tags. Hey Andreas, this is Gianluca. Andreas Peetz December 18, at 8: It seems like bits [1: Do you know why? I have a somewhat crude hack which works for me at least, it gets the IDE port working well enough to talk to a DVD drive, which is what I needed.

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Make sure that you have configured it for pure Jbm363 mode! VERY much appreciated, if you could add. Again, my most sincere thanks! Anonymous December 27, at User Control Panel Log out.

A JMicron-specific driver is available only for Windows. Its just the SSD thats not being recognised.

Hi Norman, you are welcome I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the SB support and this wonderful walk-through. Andreas Peetz November 11, at 4: Are you sure that you have connected the disks to these controllers? Anonymous December 9, at 6: Andreas Peetz January 17, at Anonymous November 21, at Anonymous January 16, at 2: Jm3b63, I had in the past this card: Svetlin Petrov January 6, at 4: I wonder how can one change this list ahcl. That being said, would the rest of the drives work or just a single gb after updating?


Need to populate JMicron JMB Chip RESOLVED!!! – EVGA Forums

Hi Andreas, Could you add support for Hi Jay, you probably have already installed the package before!? It would be great if you can test it. This can be achieved by modifying pci registers using setpci from pciutils, http: I changed a few things in the BIOS but still have this in screen: Andreas Peetz November 13, at 9: Anonymous November 14, at 8: The last byte of the file is used as a checksum.

Gutharius February 20, at 8: Anonymous January 9, at 4: Unfortunately, this is not something you can patch in the leaf driver; it has to go into the PCI autoconfiguration mechanism.

Change three instances jjmb363 b1 02 to b1 Hi Andreas, I solve and installed your driver. I’m just not getting if the bug is in the ESXi kernel or in the Marvell firmware. You’ve made my year!

Trak January 9, at Andreas Peetz December 29, at 8: