IR C1021/C1022 DRIVER

Automatically switches between fax calls and voice calls. The machine receives faxes automatically and rings for voice calls. Return to overview To use the machine by connecting to the network, you must set up the IP address. If you are using an operating system equipped with Windows Firewall, the following message box may appear. Information About the Keys Use the keys shown below to enter information in the machine. If the dialog box shown above appears, press [Retry] to continue the installation. A USB cable is not included with the machine.

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Drivers Software Firmware Utilities Loading In case the machine cannot obtain the IP address automatically, you can specify the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address. Symbol entry mode Press [OK] to enter the highlighted character or space and to determine the entry mode.

Verify that the corresponding printer driver icon is displayed. C102/1c1022 the keys shown below to enter information in the machine. Javascript is disabled in this browser.

Color imageRUNNER Ci

For more information about the receive modes, see ” C102/c1022 for Receiving Faxes. Font Manager is a comprehensive program that helps you manage your fonts in Microsoft Windows.


To install your download click on the name of the downloaded file. Alternatively, you can use the remote reception function through the external telephone. Make the setting again from the main menu.

The workload can be delegated to match the output data, thus realizing a significant increase in speed through optimization. Follow the on-screen instructions. Press – numeric key to enter numbers. See ” Turn on the Machine. If the display returns to the Standby mode Auto Clear function while you are performing setup. If you use pulse dialing, follow the procedure below and change the telephone line type setting on the machine to pulse dialing.

When you 1c021/c1022 only the fax function, select this mode without connecting an external telephone. To delete all of the entered characters, press Clear. A user selects [Print] from any Windows application software, selects the Canon fax driver as the printer, and specifies its destination s and options. Before the instalation, d1021/c1022 sure the following: The period in which this is applied is called “Daylight Saving Time.

The following flow chart indicates the settings needed for each function. Press [OK] to set the entry or to proceed to the next screen.


Verify that the driver has been installed successfully and that the machine has been set as the default printer. Visit the Canon Online Store. To change the settings, see ” Setting the Sleep Mode.

Return to overview This section describes how to make the fax settings. The FAX Driver then converts this into an image that conforms to standard fax protocols, to be printed or stored on the recipient fax machine s.

Color imageRUNNER C1022i

Press Clear to delete the entire entry. If you do not know them, skip each entry by pressing [OK]. The following keys are available to select with [ ], [ ] or Scroll Wheel.

The Color Network ScanGear installation screen appears. Use [ ], [ ] or Scroll Wheel to select a reception mode, then press [OK]. Return to overview Drivers Details about c1021/c122 drivers installation can be found in the corresponding HTML manuals listed in the Manuals subsection below.