The best option to obtain write support is to either upgrade your kernel to version 2. The installer will verify that everything it needs is present on your system and that it can build and install the rev and udffs modules against your kernel. The second parameter is the mount point for your drive. Once done, the installer should be run with the default options. You’re currently subscribed to some eWEEK features and just need to create a username and password.

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Clicking on the distribution below will take you to notes on how to get REV working rdd that distribution. The drive maintains data integrity through two-stage error-checking and periodic disk self-cleaning.

REV (disk)

Tests indicate that the drive can obtain good performance on Linux with specialized applications so the problem is not in the UDF filesystem per-se. Address all the issues listed above. Create a new Account. Research Assistant on Top IT resources to move your business forward. The drives include a copy of Norton Ghost as well as Iomegas own backup utility.


Role in IT decision-making process: To locate these entries quickly on the the command line, use the command:. The entire package is available on the Downloads page for this project. REV On Earlier 2.

Iomega RRD USB Device Drivers Download for Free | Driver Talent

Installing udffs kernel module as root Creating configuration data for UDF filesystem The supplied patches may or may not apply against other 2. Once this is done, ioemga the install script using the default options.

Suspending password protection may leave the blockdev –getsize cache stale. An example command line would be: The final pricing of both, however, will be announced at launch. Fedora Core 2 SuSE 9. No clean installation for 2.

The third parameter, “udffs,iso” are the filesystems that should be accepted on this mount point. Our help has come from: Iomega will have to convince IT managers to adopt a new platform, however, rather than their tried-and-true tape drives.

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Iomega RRD Tools

Don’t have an Account? Either update your kernel to the latest 2. Occasionally, we send subscribers special offers from select partners.


Hard disk drives Iomega storage devices. The installer will verify that everything it needs is present on your system and that it can build and install the rev and udffs modules against your kernel.

This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Fedora Core 1 Fedore Core 1 has multiple configurations for different platforms in the same kernel source directory. The Linux kernel source at http: What is your company size?

Iomegas Price argued that the grd companys new technology is inherently more reliable, as well as faster and cheaper. To do this, append the following line to the bottom of your. In addition, the RRD technology could be used for medical imaging and video archiving, where desktop users need access to large amounts of stored data.

FireWire REV drives may require extra configuration to deliver optimal throughput.