Setting up binutils 2. Use the command uname -r to find out that. I have tried your indicated steps and the driver successfully installed. Whether it is accurate or not I do not know, but I have heard that the v. Yes, that is right. In a nutshell this is how I established my connection using the terminal.

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Intel mobile modem solutions are ready to scale to your markets. Without actually having a ep module, I can’t tell you for certain if the size is to big.

Intel® Mobile Modem Solutions

Speed Limit Commands for your modem Protocol Selection init string commands for your modem. I hope this work. Next step will be to suscribe to their mailing list and post the result from scanModem.

Hiya Carlos Nope, same thing happened. Uhmm, I am loosing options here We all most try to make this as painless as possible for all the dialup users out there using winmodems.


When I rebooted, the computer would not finish loading hald. If not, change with yours.

Jul 1, Posts: Hope this helps, please report back. I made a bit of progress I think with your help, but I’m not quite there.

help me find a decent HARDWARE PCI *modem* – Ars Technica OpenForum

Money is key here though. You should consider signing in to the http: I think it’s the “Encore” brand. Here’s the trick due to gcc4.

If you find out any improvement on this regard please report back. Robotics 56k on eBay. This chipset has been discontinued.

Intel Modems — download drivers

Intel provides archived chupset for this and other discontinued chipsets see link below. Modem port was autodetected and I was able to activate the connection. Geezer57 Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: I can’t use the script from the first tutorial because that’s for the susie one right? Module Intel famuly in use usrsound: I know it should not be so but I have experienced the same thing.


Didn’t go through Windows to check it cause I totally dumped Windows: Additionally you should attach all the information you posted in your last post, including the information of your location.

I am glad to know you got your system working! The way to tell a software modem is to look at the “requirement” section. It hung on “too many options” somewhere.

The Intel EP driver that chuckman78 and I were working on has been 563ep.

help me find a decent HARDWARE PCI *modem*

No such file or directory installing module install: Yes, that is right. No such file or directory I reboot and come back Phil.

My Intel gets solid connects every time.