My HTC touch detects the connection and also connects to it. Hope you know that to use wifi, there has to be a network. During the next time also I have to do the same thing. Personally I have used the unlock program for my Touch which was locked to Airtel service. Nice work Alfred as being a great htc fraek first I thought I have did a mistake of buying it but now its my life.. But still I am not able to access the Internet.

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You have to take your own risk I am not responsible for softtware damage to your device. Through my multiple comparison, I still like to use the video converter.

Unfortunately I dont surf with my phone, sry.

25 free software for HTC Touch or any Windows Mobile 6 phone

What is the largest storage card I can use in my touch. Peekpocket finds wireless networks wifi You can then connect to the slftware to use the internet.

Thats the easiest way. Can someone help me? Nice find buddy…Thankx for the link, definitely a worthwhile soctware. Bad thing is… If i want to call anyone. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into.

[Q] upgrade htc touch p3450 to windows 7

The procedures for unlocking the Touch are given in the xda forums. SIM Contacts are available. I have heard about external GPS devices that can connect to the phone… Just do a search for it on softqare Where can i download it? Hardly any viruses for a phone, i dont keep bluetooth on.


HTC Touch windows mobile phone is one of the best phone for those looking to get pleasure of windows mobile phone. Xda-forums, has a fix for this issue by inserting a plastic card behind the phone to keep the pressure.

Mobile software download for HTC P3450

Dont think I will ever get a virus on my phone. If you are unable to boot into windows mobile you may have bricked you phone: I have probs with wi-fi using my HTC Touch. Hope you guys like the list, do add any other software you know about in the comments. Ill go ahead and look for another list.

It might be a bit of a trick getting the settings just right. Btw, what does peekpocket doftware do?

HTC Touch P Smartphones GPS Navigation Software

Dear Alfred, Thankyou very much for providing such good softwares, especially for pocket e sword. Jay, I am sorry, put my phone got messed up in the flood that happened here recently.

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I dont know about any software other than ActiveSync.

The elegantly designed HTC Touch fits nicely into the palm of the hand and although lightweight is still a robust little unit that should stand up to the rigours of every day life. My phone n70m can support only one minute voice recording, i want unlimited voice recording software when the space is full.

Anyone have any ideas?

I am sure you downloaded the wrong version of the full screen keyboard. Personally I have the blue rom installed on mine without any problems. The run the exe program on your computer, it will install the software on your phone….