Iriver – T10 1Go. Rivertech – Soledad 2Go. Iriver – T10 FM 1Go. Iriver – B20 2Go. Memup – Keos 4Go. Memup – Wizzle 4Go. Grundig also says that the lithium-polymer battery ensures 21 hours of continuous listening, which is pretty decent for an mp3 player.

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Iriver – S10 2Go.

Regarding formats, both mp3 players will play the following: These differ from each other with mpixz amount of information we can find on a given device: Anyway, apparently, the Germans don’t want to be left behind in the mp3 player race and so they’ve announced two new devices that are able to play music, videos and show images.

Rivertech – Sunset 4Go. Iriver – T20 Mo.

Grundig Makes MPixx 2002 Mp3 Player, but 2 Gigs Are Not Enough

Memup – Kazz 4Go. Memup – Koon 1Go. Memup – Kazz 1Go. Iriver – T60 2Go. Iriver – T20 1Go.


Apple – Ipod Shuffle. Rivertech – Sunset 2Go. Iriver – T30 1Go. Personally, I find the 200 too low for today’s needs, especially since the Chinese are striving to release a 16GB Teclast mp3 player.

Grundig Makes MPixx Mp3 Player, but 2 Gigs Are Not Enough

Iriver – B20 4Go. Iriver – X20 8Go. Iriver – U10 1Go. Iriver – B20 2Go. Grundig – Mpaxx Rivertech – Shaman 4Go. Iriver – B20 1Go.

List user guides and manuals for GRUNDIG, MP3 player/ walkman in Nederlands – Dutch language:

The good news is that Grundig has reasonable prices for the MPixx and MPixxthe former being available for close to 80 euros dollarswhile the latter for approximately 90 euros dollars. Iriver – W10 8Go. Iriver – T20 FM 1Go. Packard Bell – Vibe Interesting links are bound to be posted with recognition going mainly to those who submit.

May 31, Memup grkndig Senso 2Go.

Download your manual: Free user guides for all brands and devices!

Memup – Senso 1Go. Apple – Ipod Classic 80Go.


Mpixd – Pulp 2Go. Unfortunately, neither of the two has a card slot that would allow you to increase this limited capacity. Memup – Keos 2Go.

Rivertech – Shaman 1Go. Apple – Ipod Nano 4Go. Iriver – T10 FM Mo.