In addition, the Geko boasts a user-configurable trip computer, 10, trackpoints, a new upcoming-turn feature, as well as PanTrack tm and TracBack r. Pocket-size and very portable, this is a terrific tool – especially if you are going Geocaching! Return to GPS Home. In other languages Add links. It does not have the ability to upload or display maps. Tracks and routes are managed here. If your not sure if you want to get into sports like geocaching then buy the or till you get a feel for the sport.

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It is simple, easy to use and has the features i need to navigate in the backcountry. Otherwise the function or feature will refer to a specific receiver.

Garmin geko Review

They have created two new models the Geko and the Geko This item doesn’t belong on this page. You can make choices from 31 different items, such as elevation, speed, sunrise and sunset, current time, bearing, destination point, and estimated time of arrival. The various displays on the Gekos are referred to as pages. The and lack some of the advanced features like road maps that you can find on the etrex models but with geocaching you’re not generally going to be using maps.

The main differences between the two is that the has a Computer interface and WAAS, routes and enhanced features.


This will then show the waypoint selection screen as shown above left eTrex display. You can also see my journey to Heathrow displayed from the eastern area of the UK. Pocket-size and very portable, this is a terrific tool – especially if you are going Geocaching! The picture on the right shows the track and a “?

The photo to the left shows the size of the Gekos compared to the Nokia i phone. The battery compartment cannot be opened with a fingernail, I lost 2 proving geio, you need to use a 2001 coin. To save the waypoint press OK when OK is highlighted. GPS Satellite Fixing I felt that the Gekos managed to obtain a fix faster than the eTrex, but there is no scientific evidence to support this.

My Geko took 5 minutes and 55 seconds to get a first-time fix. Both the Geko models are the same size garmmin the cases are exactly the same, varying only in the colour.

The standard garmin serial cable allows you to get tracks and waypoints off it with, for example, gpsbabel.

GPS Review – Garmin Geko 201

Tracback is used to guide you to return on the same path left behind. The Garmin Geko series has been discontinued and is no longer available to buy from Garmin.

Well this is really for 2 reasons: Gekl The setup menu of the Geko is very basic, allowing you to change the GPS mode from Normal to Battery Save or Demo, and to adjust the backlight timeout and the contrast setting of the screen. You can also choose map datum, units of measure nautical, statute, metricand north reference true north, magnetic north, grid, and user. You can also find the nearest waypoint, or delete all of the garminn waypoints.


Saving the active track as a “saved track” will subject the raw active track data to an internal process that will average the tracking errors present, refine the raw data eliminating unnecessary track points and reduce the tracklog to points or less.

Display font used for longitude and latitude waypoint coordinates is very small. The Geko’s ability to hold a fix once obtained was quite reasonable. This will activate the route and you will see it highlighted in the other pages already described. Shown below are the two screens associated with the GPS satellite fixing. Submit A Support Request. Downside to these units well there were a couple. For these three modes, the Geko has enough memory for 38,miles respectively.

Editing the name is a different matter altogether.

The Trip Computer Page displays four fields of your choosing.