I tried to tell you this. In reply to this post by Eric Auer-3 I am concerned by this statement from Jack’s email: Minix was distributed by Tanenbaum who was at that time a professor at the university of Amsterdam for the explicit purpose for students to read and study a Unix like OS. As long as you don’t “copy” any large sections of it since small, obvious bits aren’t unique enough to be copyrighted , you should be okay. But I still think we’re all overreacting here. I’m not saying he used code, in fact I’m claiming the opposite. I’m aware of the differences.

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People are meant to learn from others.

Unless someone can officially prove infringement, then it’s not worth destroying anything just on an unofficial whim. I am concerned udmx this statement from Jack’s email: Ffeedos am told such knowledge is also called “fruit of the poisonous tree.

In reply to this post by Eric Auer-3 There’s also a question of the timing, since I think Jack wrote and released those programs and source code before the MS-DOS source code was released unless Jack had gotten access to some MS source code earlier than that.

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I know this seems unfair to some, but we must protect FreeDOS from any accusation that we benefit from proprietary source code. If they didn’t want you to read it, only compile it, then they could shroud it as many have done before. But I still think we’re all overreacting here. But even though he has been banned after burning all his bridges for literally no good reasonhe is still up to his old tricks.


What nefarious agenda is up his sleeve? Reading it is the whole point, there’s absolutely nothing else you can do with it except compile, which doesn’t need to be “readable”.

I see in the software list that we include these programs from Jack: Jim has posted the request repeatedly and people should just adhere to the warning.

Sadly, this seems exactly what jack wants. On Wed, Jan 13, at freedso Bringing such suits takes time, money and effort, and aren’t done casually or on a whim.

What would be in it for them? In reply to this post by Eric Auer Linux eventually wrote his own kernel, even reusing minixfs, and made it available under a “free for commercial use” GPL license!

We should keep this project as clean as possible, just as a precaution. And the only thing he actually “copied” kind of was the file system.

While I understand some people think it an overreaction, we must avoid any suggestion that we benefit from proprietary source code. I cannot speak for Linux, as I have never used it.


How to add UDMA support for freedos using modboot – Ultimate Boot CD

You only own what you wrote, not everyone else’s. I certainly didn’t care, it’s way too old. Free forum by Nabble. We want frerdos avoid any suggestion that FreeDOS has been ‘tainted’ by this proprietary code.

Index of /pub/misc/freedos/files/dos/udma/

Ralf This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. I took a look at XMGR. In reply to this post by Louis Santillan. Let him find another hobby instead of constantly wasting our time.

I don’t think so. All true, with V6. Music On Jan 13, 1: No, you usually can’t “copy” verbatim large chunks of code since everything is locked down, copyrighted, by defaultbut you can still try to understand the gist of it.