Fixed bug which could cause a blue screen on removing an external hot-pluggable drive, for instance, an external USB hard disk drive. And you are done. I have written a custom install application which can install and configure the driver. File system with fewer super block backup copies. An unnecessary overhead due to trim operations is avoided in this way. Please read the FAQ section , too. Please run it at the command prompt and give it the letter of the drive you want to examine, for example:

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A directory may contain an additional index in order to speed up lookups in large directories. Fixed bug that prevented the Ext2 driver from updating a file’s modification date when the file just was truncated overwritten without any subsequent writing of data.

Installable File System

What’s unique about this software? Filesystem drivers executed in kernel-space ring 0 and are divided in four principal pieces: If I open the “IFS Drives” item on the computer’s control panel, it does not show the correct partitioning scheme for the hard disk.

Fixed bug that could cause, very rarely, a blue screen upon removing a volume. There is an unsatisfactory answer only: Files larger than 2 TBytes can be stored in the file system; the limit is slightly less than 2 TBytes. WindowsXP and Since Ext2 is a file system with sparsing, a block for a file is allocated when an application writes any non-zero data bytes.


It is for or more subdirectories within a directory. Support of block sizes up to 64KB has been added.

Support for very old or uncommon Windows versions large image. It may be copied and distributed free of charge as long as no modifications are made in the software and no components are added or removed. Ufs we have a Windows which runs with one paging file at an Ext2 volume only.

Windows creates a drive letter for the first partition of the considered media, but not for the remaining ones.

Installable File System – Wikipedia

So there is one straight advice only: Under Windows the driver should be quite stable and can be considered beta quality. Therefore it is performant.

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. The eext2 Drives” item installed on the control panel allows you to maintain drive letters of Ext2 volumes very similar to the setup wizard. When the volume is mounted next time as an Ext3 file system, a replay of the journal will be done, after which the file system will be consistent.

User names are readable and passwords of these users can be quite easily cracked and modified! Please pay attention to the warnings that you find in these articles. On step 2 delete any assignments you have made. In Windows NT 4. The software is not yet ufs to access Ext4 volumes. Fixed bug that made it possible to create duplicate file names with language-specific Unicode characters in a directory.


Fixed bug that could cause a blue screen on writing files; in most cases it happened when writing a file larger than 4 GB the very first time on a volume.

Ext2 IFS For Windows: Download

Once reported, our staff will be iifs and the comment will be reviewed. But when I try to access that volume I get an error message “The disk in drive X: Of course you do not take advantage of the journaling of the Ext3 file system if you mount it as an Ext2 file system.

Revision 0 Linux Kernel 2. This is the home of the GNU ntifs. If you use large fonts you might not be able to see the “Step 1”, “Step 2” etc. Was this review helpful?