Andrew I March 16, at 7: Unfortunately I don’t have a scope to check that. Davide Gironi September 9, at 9: Hello, thank you for feedback. I’ve never test it with you crystal freq I’m sorry.

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I have defined it like this, for 8MHz: Is the setting correct??

How to interface DS18B20 with AVR ATmega8 | eXtreme Electronics

Ingit Suthar January 8, at 2: Hello, you could setup multiple PIN using array, and a struct, like it is done here: Are there any other possible sources of the error?

The read and write byte functions of this libarry needs precise timing, Interrupt is disabled to prevent timing errors. To have an idea on how to manage multiple output you can take a look at the code of the dcmotor library 01 you can find here: Purtroppo la porta seriale mi indica un valore che varia dai 2.


Take a look here: Oscar did you solve your errors? Saeed Nesarian January 20, at Unknown July 11, at 2: Davide Gironi January 9, at I will check the arduino code. Anyway, try at first without any interrupt, try just a simple code.

Mikey Sklar April 21, at 8: Oscar August 25, at 8: I want to know, how can i avg a float value into LCD, im using a Peter Fleury library, and i use a sprintf function, but when i programming a microcontroller, only i see a question mark? It is interesting, many people reading weird values, or 85C or C might be affected by the same thing. Just wanted to let you know about this. Alex T November 17, at 6: Try the DS18B20 on other platform, like Arduino, just to make shure the sensor is working.

Hello, tested with negative temperature, version 01 does not works. I am using an atmegaa to mcu.

megaAVR Temperature Sensor DS18B20 Example

Alan Medina January 7, at 8: Hello, it should, but i’ve never try it with negative temperatures. Hello, the most obvious that comes into my mind it’s timing, if you take a look to the ds18b20 datasheet you can read the timing procedures to make this IC works.


Oscar August 25, at 9: Unfortunately I do not have any other hardware to test it on. I am using avr-gcc.

Cristian Copcea February 25, at Mikey Sklar July 5, at 8: It showed weird values, like 90C instead of Davide Gironi August 25, at 8: Hi Davide, I’ve used an external crystal 7.