Logs can be saved to files, graph picture also. If this condition is not met, cannot be guaranteed correct disconnected motor end turn-off battery voltage – i. Make sure that the red emergency button is not pressed. Speed is entered directly numerically in baud rate, I. Joystick potentiometer, control voltage, … is in position STOP: Default parameters are defined for these type of driving:

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The 12Volt battery and the 72V battery have common ground.

These controllers may be connected to sensorless motors as well as sensor motors. Therefore, if you are braking and wish to move in the opposite direction, it is necessary, after stopping, to first move the throttle stick to neutral and then towards the desired direction.

Compro U – START UP GUIDE Manuals

Last step is restart, after this you have newest current version. Newest parameters or other changes, which correspond with new version of the firmware, can be added. Otherwise, you risk the destruction of or damage to the controller. This is necessary because a number of mains power supply either in PC or others is not fully correct separated from their chassis minus their compfo, GND and is possible measured frequently large comrpo units to tens of volts.


Check if the level of fluid is between the indicated levels on the reservoirs. Also, it can be stored in hdf format, which you can always read back into the program and view the graph.

Cutting off a sequence will damage batteries and affects range. This will limit the charging current when connecting the wires and will charge the filter capacitors without sparking.

Driving this switch implement this parameter. Fill your filling tank with deionised or destilled water. Connected brake lights are lit up during braking. Number of motor poles This parameter is important for correct computing of mechanical output wheel rpm of the motor. It has a display on which you can check the progress of the charging sequence.

This address must be different from other bus addresses. Connect to corresponding connector of transmitting module 2. Speed power, torque, etc. Before the controller is connected to any voltage, make sure that all inputs, outputs, control and motor are connected. For driving are used very powerful bit ARM microcontrollers.

If the manual does not give you an answer to your problem, please contact the following: Location P7 and P8 on then throttle channel can coalesce to the same value such as P10 and P1. Apply the parking brake to make sure your vehicle does not roll away. Linear relationship between driving signal and constant motor rpm by driving signal.


This setting is remembered up to next start of cpmpro procedure.

It provides you with helpful information, what to do in case of an error and how to get the most out of your e-Tuk. Custom settings reconciliation between the control signal and controller settings can be done in the following ways.


Also in this area is driving signal interpreted as Full throttle forward or backward. This setting is meaningful for analog driving signal input PWM, coompro.

These are the cylindrical blocks underneath the frame. Cmopro battery produces 6Volt and around Ah. Turn the gas handle to accelerate. Remote Control Key Definition and Use Please refer to the buttons and their corresponding function listed on the opposite page.

Some specific parameters are for any type – except that it is always highlighted in the description of parameters. Don’t show me this message again.

Make sure your hazard lights are turned on while being towed.