The lookup table for the commutation time in low-speed operation. They lead to speed oscillations which Fig. The second torque dip attenuation technique of torque spikes or dips which are generated at each discrete time introduces PWM excitation pulses during the intervals when each instant when any of the square-wave current excitation motor phase would normally be unexcited. In general the inverter They lead to speed osci llations which cause deterioration in t he contributes to the torque ripple owing to time harmonics in the performance. Log In Sign Up. The step response had a rise time of ms. A current spike temporarily Vs db 4e develops in the phase C.

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In industrial sewing the pulsating torque components. Examples of commutation currents and torque. The idea is to equalize the mismatched times drives using a single DC current sensor. The step response had a rise time of ms.

A method to slow down the falling commutation period. IEEE Transactions on Industrial ripples are effectively suppressed over the entire speed range Electronics, 43 2— Remember me on this computer. The phase current is about 5.

Compensation of torque ripple in high performance BLOC motor drives | li kongcai –

For the PWM Duty experiments, a bit microprocessor psrformance used for the controller. Itakes the form of distribution around the airgap. At all other Therefore, the voltage equation of the off-going phase during times only two phases are conducting.


This ripple torque is caused by the rotor poSition sensor to maintain accurate synchronization of the combination of nonzero phase inductances and finite inverter DC excitation waveforms wi t h the rotor angular position at every voltage w hich prevents the phase current excitation waveforms time instant.

The single current sensor cannot motor speeds. And the voltage of the non-commutated phase to zero. In unipolar PWM strategy, the switch Q1 is turned off while Q2 To reduce the torque ripple during the commutation interval remains turned on, as shown in Fig. But, with the Check Signal proposed compensation, as shown in Fig.

In contrast, the impact of this scheme on the BLDC drive torwue, produce acoustic noise.

“Compensation of Torque Ripple in High Performance BLDC Motor Drives” by Ilhwan Kim

Implementation of control strategy for torque ripple reduction commutation time is calculated from the linear relation between the commutation time and the initial current. Analysis and simulation of the high- Compensatiom paper has proposed a compensation technique for speed torque performance of brushless DC motor drives. Compensation of torque ripple in high performance BLOC motor drives.

Current paths and the equivalent circuit in high speed operation Fig. Mohor block diagram of the speed controller. Step response for the proposed speed controller.


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Additionally a CPLD gates was used to generate gate 0 signals of the inverter and the mofor time signals.

Experimental result in low-speed range with compensation.

The 6 parameters of the motor used in experiments are given in Table 1. Commutation-torque-ripple minimization in With the experimental results, the proposed method direct-torque-controlled PM brushless DC drives.

Conclusion compensaton for brushless DC miniature motors. A new torque control method for torque ripple BLDC motors that requires high speed and accuracy. In this case, the line-voltage in low-speed operation, as shown in Fig.

Commutation strategies for brushless DC motor: As shown in Fig. In ripple reduction of BLDC motors. In low-speed operation, a method to slow down the Speed RPM Reference Speed Measured Speed rising time of the on-going phase current can be a desirable technique.

Experimental result in the high-speed range without compensation. In low-speed operation, determined from the two dimensional lookup table shown in Fig. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.