The solution is very, very simple, just to buy any latest sound card of your choice and place it on the motherbord!!!! Hi everybody; I have same problem. Sunday, June 9, 2: Your instructions were the best I have found so far and I searched for hours so thanks loads. Though I didn’t need the microsoft drivers and to be honest, finding them, is like looking for scotch mist.

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Vista x64 下的 C-Media CMI9880 声卡驱动安装

Please login or register. Why the Live Update 3 and CD did not have ver. Thursday, November 19, 7: I too have had some dissappointments with azalia, i have a kenwood vra with both pcm optical and coax digital. Hello, I am fighting with this exact same problem, and the solution you provided did not work for me.

On my machine, with Win7, the problem is that I have the sound out of speakers, but the MIC entry does not vissta. Thx god i found this!!!! Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Easy Driver Pro does not sell or charge for drivers.


No drivers for onboard CMI (Windows 7)

I then installed the cm 3-D audio configuration, which does recognize the jacks, i vusta able to assign the speakers front, Center, surround, and sub however, the control panel only shows one pair of speakers. Hi, this one worked for me. Line-in and microphone don’t appear to mixer control. You are the men.

I can’t listen to music using the frontpanel. And searched in the listings for Windows Vista Compatibility of course. But during reboot the system kept hanging, until a hard shutdown. This is the correct and new latest c,i9880 from MSI at http: This driver available for the following operating systems: If I boot back to XP, everything works fine.

Have fun with it. I download this file, and this is good for me. Luis, this was the perfect solution! Guest, Jun 30, And Windows Update is automatically done by the OS itself.

C-Media CMI-9880 audio problems

What are we doing now?: Then I would try those steps again from vizta. I’ve set the Sound to the frontpanel, plugged in the headphones, but nothing happens.


If I can’t get Windows running properly in my system, it is useless at least for me. Sunday, June 28, 2: Hi, This cmedia is very annoying. This deserves a sticky.

Tuesday, December 8, I am frustated, because my XP Pro is without sound, I tried to change at BIOS to Azalia, and tried to install the driver manually with add a new driver but the system shows the same error. After updating the bios, i lost all the definitions of the board.

Ccmi9880 anyone know how to allow Vista to pump sound to the other jacks?