It has, however, Socket and therefore support for Pentium 3 up to Mhz whoooa! Is this mobo voltage regulator capable of delivering higher voltage, say at least 2. Abit BXRaid After exchange of caps the board become act much more reliable. Then we get back to the overlock, lol I removing parallel and serial ports on almost all my machines I recap. Probably there was some repair attempts before, on the board, as in the line of nine output Vcore caps are four types!

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Joe sayied that over Mhz are these black PII very hard to get. Or exposing the die? Sounds like raie need to try to find some better ram. With BX boards decked out with just about every add-on you can think of and the recent release of the i, we wondered if we had finally seen the last new BX board.

ABIT BX133-RAID, Socket 370, Intel Motherboard

Auto Detect Adjustable to 1. Nice system by the way.

Trodas – stick some beefy single-sided DIMMs in it – the BXs thrive on them in stock tune so with your uprated caps and tweaks, the thing should hum along rqid good. Total size of ram is MB. And some more old hardcore fun The bios altrough it offer generously up to to 2.


BXRAID (Socket ) Overview – CNET

Thanks a lot, Wile E Let’s hope I can get hold of many interesting hardware, so I can show many interesting projects as well System is very stable, no problems. C 2 – upcoming mods. All times are GMT Total size of ram is MB.

It has, however, Socket and therefore support for Pentium 3 up to Mhz whoooa! For better cooling – hot air from CPU escape b1x33 away off the case, so, no restrictions And someone actually use these ports, I mean, ever?

Abit BXRaid mobo 3x u 6. That translate to 66 x 6 and 66 x 6,5 settings. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Rid BXRaid trodas a breath of fresh air to the forum. Board index All times are UTC. Joined Feb Posts 8, Green ones are made with 0,18um technology and these can overclock over 1Ghz, so when I get eaid into ma hands Of course its your system and if your happy then ignore me!

I wish I had more s to Tualatin adapters On glass piece I was lapping it with grit for over 30 minutes! Members Current visitors New profile eaid Search profile posts. I must have used four or five different BX boards, from different manufacturers. And before I do some more hardcore modding – there are still one probem and one question. It is a dead one, so we can’t broke it, lol.


I’m impressed just by the work being done on the now antique BX chipset! Joined Mar Location mtl,canada Age 40 Posts faid, Vertical hinge sides, custom mesh front, open air path, fan controller.

Theoreticaly is possible to lap the black border away and then a little gx133 the core too, but it seems to be necessary the cooler will have bumped the bottom part, where it will touch the die. Jerking mouse however continued even on default settings, so it was probably thanks to IRQ sharing or something like that