YES Is E8 error cleared? TR cam clutch 3 C ring Fig. Is a rotation torque excessive? OPC belt cartridge 6 Set the belt cartridge lock lever at both sides left and right. If errors or failures repeat even after resetting the power button, confirm the error code and then refer to the appropriate section below.

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Turn off the power then turn it back on again. Top cover Paper Exit Unit 5. Tools to Prepare x Cotton cloth 2 a 3 pieces x Cotton swab 2 a 3 pieces Cleaning Procedure 1 Turn off the power supply, and unplug the power cable.

There is a danger of electrical shock if you touch the active area inside the printer. Then, remove the seal from the side of the waste toner pack and fit it to cover the hole of the waste toner pack completely. The basic formula used in these calculations is: Relay to prevent further heating when it becomes hotter than the set temperature within the fixing unit.

NO Brkther them properly.

Paper with tabs and staples. Refer to subsection 4.


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After completing the replacement work, confirm that the grounding wire is reconnected correctly to the earth mark. HLCN Read this manual thoroughly before commencing any maintenance work. If the download font is selected by ID, however, the bold font which has been specified before can remain in the printer so that the download font is printed in bold.

Main controller board Fig. Case to accommodate paper to be fed automatically. The retainer lock levers for the fuser cleaner and oil bottle are located as broother in the figure below; Retainer lock levers Fuser cleaner Oil bottle Retainer lock levers Fig. Countermeasures 1 Replace the toner cartridge. Heat and pressure is applied to the paper when borther between the heat rollers so that the toner image is melted and fused onto the paper. Is D3 Error cleared? Brothwr that the test page is printed correctly.

Main gear unit 3 Fig.

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One gear is included with each replacement developer clutch borther. Whenever the video controller is replaced, these checks should be carried out. If not select NO. M4 9mm 4 Used for the panel case. I Residual Image Phenomenon Image of the preceding page appears on every other page as shown in print sample 20 of Page Reconfirm the installation status of the OPC belt cartridge.


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Paper carrying the combined toner image passes between the heat rollers. NO Connect the connector properly.

Therefore the setting is added, which selects to implement the function or to print fast without using the function. When installing the new fusing unit into the printer, you have to wait approximately for 30 minutes after the unit is installed to allow the fusing oil to circulate in beother unit.


Replacement Procedure 1 Press the power button to turn off the printer. Remove the trapped paper. Ozone fan motor 5. Do not replace the battery.