Printing – 50dB Standby – 27dB Consumables: Sales pages on this Web site use cookies to store user information. Normal output is to the face-down tray on top of the printer. This is an interactive wizard to help create and deploy locally or network connected Brother printer drivers. OS Windows 10 bit Windows 10 bit Windows 8. Its quite an old design but with 14 page per minute throughput, a network port and xdpi graphics it’s not far short of today’s mono printer specification so it’s still a useful machine.

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The drum is given a charge then scanned by a laser creating a latent image in static electricity. Almost all modern laser printers use organic photoconductor OPCa couple of layers of plastic on an aluminium drum. Web based management or BRAdmin Professional.

Recommended download if you have multiple Brother print devices on your network, you can use this driver instead of downloading specific drivers for each separate device. Speed, DPI, memory…all that was secondary. It would take forever to suck it in through the special envelope slot, and then it would sit there idle for about half a minute and finally spit out an empty envelope.

Review: Brother HL-1470N

The 66MHz processor is another limitation – it’s too slow to deal with the big bitmaps brkther some web pages and PDFs. The idea is to give economical printing and environmental benefits by using the OPC drum to it’s full potential instead of disposing of it part used when a toner cartridge has been used up.


By including network connectivity as one of the many standard features of the HL-1 N, Brother are able to offer the ideal printing solution for the small business workgroup. So I plugged it vrother into the wireless print server, downloaded the WHQL-certified native driver, and there you go. The material on the drum can be given a static electric charge as long as it is in the dark but in the light the charge is released.

Its quite an old design but with 14 page per minute throughput, a network port and xdpi graphics it’s not far short of today’s mono printer specification so it’s still a useful machine.

Brother HL/N/NLT Fuser Assembly Unit (OEM)

Once I got the driver installed and installed the driver from the CD on my OS 9 computer beother had the printer plugged in to the network, printing over AppleTalk was a breeze. For the details of BRAdmin Professional, click here. Brother is offering a single printer that the whole family can use. Graphics in the PDF manual came out all right: References to not just OS X but to version This information is stored on the hard disk of the PC running the Agent software.

To compare printers, please rotate your device. Refurbisher are likely to ship a recycled cartridge with the printer. Mon to Fri 8.

The documentation offers other methods of setting an IP address, including the Unix arp command. This tool allows you to completely uninstall the Printer driver. Brother’s technique of redirecting unused waste toner back to the toner hopper by switching polarities on the waste capture roller and developer brothe also used.


The main tray mounts under the printer, feeds up and through the print station and out onto hrother top of the machine giving an “S” shaped path. Try that ten times in a row and you get quite frustrated. Agents are Brother software services running on remote computers.

However fusers for brothet printers are fairly expensive and the heated roller may be available as an item. An e-zine about the personal computing experience. Even though it is a photo printer, I hardly ever used that functionality.

Install this software on a PC which is locally connected to the device you want to monitor. Maybe I should have read the manual backwards?

Brother HL-1470N

For your added peace of mind and increased efficiency, the HLN printer offers the benefits of comprehensive technical support using user-friendly Windows sophisticated Interactive Flash Troubleshooting Animations and access to the Brother Solutions centre web site. It had to be cheap. Now I put the Brother’s manual feed slot to the test. Less than W Standby: An optional paper drawer placed under the printer with a capacity up to sheets of A4.