Boot to Ubuntu, ensure libccid 1. I’m dying to get rid of VMWare Player, but am currently stuck with it because the Smart Card is a critical part of the remote access solution for our company and VirtualBox just can’t support it. Thank you for your understanding. Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please comment on which kernel version specifically you tested. Native to Ubuntu Saturday, December 31, 9: Installed on 0 days ago InstallationMedia:

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I have a company-mate who used a separate harddrive, installed windows and that worked as well. Friday, September 18, 8: Please let us know your results. Let’s continue the discussion in the forums that’s their purpose.

Boot to windows 2. Please note, finding adjacent kernel versions is not fully commit bisecting.

I’ll see if I can help you track hroadcom drivers. Virtual box will allow me to connect the from the USB devices menu. Download in other formats: Did exact same steps on “bad” computer Precision and got the error.


I am using Debian 9. I was hoping this would eventually be fixed. I have the same problem with my E 64 bit.

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Code execution on the TPM i believe works with the card reader, so maybe this is related? Garrett Warnell warnellg-t on Bus Device Check iwndows the computer manufacturer for updated drivers for that device.

Karl Hill, thanks for the follow up. Could you please do this following https: Karl Hill karl-hill on This bug rboadcom affects me. Karl Hill karl-hill wrote on Office Office Exchange Server. Machine that doesn’t “work” is Dell Precision with same reader.

Thanks for the help and keep up the great work, and if you have any pointers on Broadccom hardware, I’d love to hear them. Friday, January 8, 4: Could you please fix this!

How to Fix Dell Broadcom USH Driver Problems

Did anyone find a solution for this so far? Ticket new defect Opened 6 years ago Last modified 13 months ago. Friday, May 29, 9: I’m running bit Ubuntu Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. EXE seems to have solved the issue Thanks!


VB has been dogged by this particular problem for years, and I’m starting to think it will never be fixed. Karl Hill, the quickest way to confirm for your hardware is backup your install, temporarily install Windows via either: This problem is not guest-OS specific.

The error remains the same throughout all versions of VB 4.