In addition, the system is compact, lightweight, reliable, has a relatively low electrical power demand, and requires no special handling. Manufacture acoustic transducers and electromechanical actuators to be incorporated into a current Naval system, and demonstrate the revolutionized high performance over current systems or miniaturize the current systems. An airframe-mounted oxygen-generating system is needed to replenish the system after testing, preflighting, and routine leakage. Recording defect images of a large area is possible, but the inspection setup is time consuming, equipment is expensive, analysis is difficult, and sizing and location analysis is unreliable. This phase will also include qualification test planning, life-cycle cost estimating, cost estimating for full production, and reliability and maintainability assessment.

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Azimuthal transmit directionality would enhance overall network performance by reducing total transmit power, reducing interceptability, and improving multiple-access network performance. Develop several concepts for self-contained pumps, n999 active materials smart materials and demonstrate functionality.

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To foster re-use of these entities, their software models must be stored in a repository. The CFET will enable the pilot the benefit of repetitive practice that simulates real world flight conditions, minus the debilitating fear of pushing the flight envelope and losing an aircraft. Optimize peak bos and pressure-time histories for shape charge applications. The joining method used is a one step process that creates no discernable change in material properties. It is envisioned that the more advanced algorithms can be utilized n9 initialization functions i.

Box Butte, MT Finally, the contractor will integrate the magnetic memory arrays onto the functional silicon devices and demonstrate small functioning 1 kilobit arrays which represent memory densities of 10 Megabit per sq. A need exists for multiple rigid penetrators to be interlocked into a single large penetrator, as well as being easily separated from the large penetrator into discrete penetrators. An available source of pure oxygen, usually in the form of high pressure oxygen gas in storage cylinders, is especially important for military aircraft crews.


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Demonstrate, at laboratory specimen scale, the ability to enhance NDE sensitivity to corrosion using a combination of modified paint and optimized sensor designs. Newer network applications require a minimum of T1 data rate 1.

Perform conceptual design studies followed by preliminary hardware designs and the generation of control software strategy. In addition, identify promising materials processing techniques to create such high thermal conductivity materials with tailored electromagnetic properties consistent with operation in high power vacuum electron devices.

Utilizing the government owned HTTV as a baseline vehicle, investigate technologies, devices, and control systems and algorithms necessary to limit the body roll angle to less than 5 degrees during a.

Fabricate the controller IC. The commercial potential for the resulting technology from this SBIR is unlimited.

This technology will be exported to numerous commercial applications, some of which do not yet exist. Also, disposal of obsolete ordnance will be non-hazardous.

When applicable, the results will be modeled using an effective medium theory for composites built from dielectric hosts containing high aspect ratio conducting rods. GPS products are already in widespread use for military and civilian applications.

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The Phase I research will include: In Phase III, we will partner with a vendor of superconducting electronics to build a fully integrated system e. Jona proposes to address this need with a system that independently measures temperature at multiple zones in a control grid over the repair area, and applies heat as required at each grid point to follow a specified cycle.


The strong waveguiding may limit pixel size in displays if the LED emission cannot be efficiently coupled.

Advances in materials research and device fabrication have increased the intensity of red, green and blue LEDs dramatically, so that the light intensity emitted at a particular wavelength can rival that of light bulbs with color filters. The superior characteristics of this battery chemistry seem particularly well suited to the Navy’s requirements. Recent developments in b;s materials such as those activated by magnetic or electric field sare providing phenomenal bs strains at very high frequencies.

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The resulting service is much more general than an “answering-machine” since it does not require designation of specific proxy to hold the message.

The study must nps what parameters would be tracked and what cost methodologies are being employed. State what effort will be required to decrease the size and weight and increase reliability in production.

B99 of Phase I are: Generate concepts and mathematical models of candidate energetic materials. Non-Disclosure agreement with General Dynamics is required to obtain these drawings. The printed forms from the website may look different than the forms in book and the signature bls may appear on the second page.

Recent studies have shown that it may be possible to develop non-explosive, electrically initiated reactive systems which are capable of generating energy release levels and rates characteristic of explosive systems.