You can opt from the three silicon or the three foam tips to get the fit you prefer. Not only does a decent fit keep your earbuds out of the sink, but it is vital for the best sound quality. That said, eight hours of battery life has become more or less a norm in the world of wireless headphones today, so the eight-hour battery life of X2 is not something that should require significant attention. People who bought this also bought. Most relevant reviews See all 62 reviews. X2 are in a matte finish while its predecessor is glossy.

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One of the most unique features of the BlueBuds is the focus on providing the listener with a decent fit.

In fact, they are comparable with wired headphones when it comes to sound quality, which is a bluenuds because wired headphones tend to transmit sound better. One of the prominent changes is in blueubds name. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after using them almost daily for a month. So, for example, your phone can be safely stored in the indoor pocket of your jacket or even your backpack and you will be able to skip a track, pause it, adjust the volume, even making and receiving calls.

The second part of the fit is the cord that connects the bluebudz. The winner in this category is X2 because the earplugs are definitely more comfortable and give a snug fit when compared to Bluebuds. I love everything about these earbuds except for two things that needs improvement.

We thank JayBird for sending us a pair of Bluebuds X for us to review. Great sounding for in-ear headphones.


Jaybird BlueBuds X review

Well, Jaybird could have had those letterings in both the models to make life easy for users. In reality, Bluebuds has only about six and a half hours when compared to the consistent eight hours of X2.

It might be present, but not at levels I would feel comfortable subjecting my ears to. This is probably the most important parameter when it comes to comparing two headphones. The Jaybird has numerous amount of control included on the sleek board ranging from volume, song change, power on or off, and picking up calls.

The only problem I noticed is that despite the Signal Plus feature, I would experience occasional very brief audio dropouts when I would move my phone a Moto X around. But, the one significant difference is the audio cues. The Jaybird BlueBuds X claim a battery life of 8 hours, and in my testing, they seemed to hit the nail on the head.

Thankfully, that issue seems to have been resolved in X2 and there were no dropouts, even at a distance of five feet. BlueBuds X are the smallest Bluetooth headphones available, yet they pack an incredible 8 hours of play time, double that which has previously been possible from a product this small.

Many would love that is a very small set of earbuds that is very portable with great material that seems long-lasting. As I said, I have been looking for a bluetooth headphone to use during running for quite a while.

The answer is both are great headphone products that offer good value for money. With so many overpriced headphones out there, Jaybird Bluebuds offers a fairly similar audio quality at less than half the price.

Jaybird Bluebuds X vs X2: Pros & Cons and Verdict

For sound quality I would rate them same as the Sennheiser MM The solution I seen towards this problem is that it takes time to find the perfect fit which would not cause them to fall off the ears. Disadvantages are that you need to charge the batteries and that they are usually larger than their wired counterparts. That said, eight hours of battery life has become more or less a norm in the world of wireless headphones today, so the blueubds battery life of X2 is not something that should require significant attention.


Ratings and Reviews Write a review. About this product Product Information BlueBuds X not only delivers what you would expect from headphones of this caliber, but also packs some really nice surprises as well. Now that we have reviewed both Jaybird Bluebuds and Jaybird X2, which is better?

The MM could not blufbuds used: Bluebudss really need to take your time to try all three buds and all three wings. Review Our Cookie Policy Accept. You may also like. Most relevant reviews See all 62 reviews.

OK sound was no as good advice though they would be I have a pair of cheap buds that sound better and play louder than these do the only way they sound good is with some kind of eq app then they sound fine but still not loud.