With the market moving towards overclockers, so has Gigabyte with their latest Socket A range of motherboards. Those are the maximum settings and there are no BIOS multiplier settings and what you see is what you get for maximum voltage settings. It is a complete overview of the basics to build your own computer from the ground up. The northbridge fan is from Dynaeon Industrial Company It is 40x40x20mm. Space is planned right next to the floppy port. Those that think there are now four SATA headers are in for a disappointment.

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It should be a MHz bus speed….

Ultrz would free up another PCI slot. To berate a point: There is no official benchmark for After Effects but tasks can be timed to show specific results. It may be more for appearance but the important point is that it LOOKS like it does an efficient job.

The fact that so many PCI slots are blocked by the add-on features is a drawback to those that may wish to add more. Note that Softimage does not have an interface to real-time preview a finished frame as unlike After Effects.

Gigabyte Technology GA-7VAXP Ultra, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

Not that some may notice but the input label stamps on the plate will actually be upside down when the bracket is in place. Those are the maximum settings and there are no BIOS multiplier settings and what you see is what you get for maximum voltage settings.


ulltra Dual-port rear connectors and two headers for four front panel ports. They weren’t really a name that was held in high regard by Power Users, but with the AMD Thunderbird striking with such force, they rose to the challenge and mass-produced several different varieties of motherboards for it – However, we Overclocking Enthusiasts, are a mighty tough breed to make happy.

The northbridge is covered by a larger copper heatsink.

Gigabyte 7VAXP-A Ultra – Retail VIA KT400A

The designers working on the test system use Softimage on a less complex level to provide enhancements and elements to commercials, promos and station ID elements. Quake III high quality.

Gigabyte had a successful run with the popular 7VAXP motherboard. Though their work is quite complex to some it a far cry from that of special effects in major film productions.

Bios was optimized for system but not tweaked for any performance settings requiring specialized knowledge of overclocking. As a first purchase this product will stun the beginner DIY.

You have to keep digging to get to the motherboard.

Gigabyte would gain a few points if they spun the socket 90 degrees clockwise. I doubt that a very large majority have even seen the BIOS screens let alone know what they do.

GA-7VAXP Ultra (rev. 1.x) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

On the surface Gigabyte appears to have put together one of the most user friendly purchases that has been seen to date. Softimage XSI can simply bring any jltra to its knees. Again the results are as expected. The primary, once feeling better, takes over.


Awkward placement of the DIP switches. Accessory after accessory come out of the box before the motherboard 7vax; appears. For the novice DIY there is one fold out sheet that very much impressed me. Notice the white power connection module.

Gigabyte 7VAXP-A Ultra – Retail VIA KTA

The PCI slot brackets are a-plenty. In order to look at a finished frame a user must render the frame to disk which bypasses the GPU. Sisoft Sandra Memory Benchmark. Gigabyte has packed an incredible amount of accessories into the box and anyone will be quite impressed at just how much is inside the box. If there is a bad BIOS flash then the automatic recovery will take over and you may not even know that it occurred.

Could the overclocking club of the elite be threatened by one click wonders? Those work by percentage and there are darn few settings though the CPU host frequency goes by 1 MHz increments.