Commands Some operations require more information than a single keystroke can provide. Application Performance Snapshot adds utilization of logical vs. Hundreds of hints and tips on mastering Windows Automated install of performance collectors on a remote Linux target. Log in to author instance.

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Attribution of everything to user functions created some confusion. Increased detail and structure for the vector efficiency metrics based on FLOP counters in the FPU Utilization section help diagnose the reason for low utilization connected with poor vector code generation. Margin observation must also be enabled linjx order for automatic formatting to occur.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

No need to use some stupid kludged-up vender-enforced GUI. Software CD with the these groups. International Code Set Support ee supports single-byte character code sets eight-bit cleanor the 6330s Big-5 code set.

Click the icon to expand the Spin and Overhead Time column and get more details about the reasons for high Ee or Overhead Time values: Note, I’m not setting any special options. 630ss product toolbar Updated the product toolbar providing quick access to the product documentation with the new Help button and to the Import dialog box standalone only with the Import Result button. Then write the next second of raw data to another ramdisk and switch back-and-forth.

For proper resolving symbol information, use – search-dir action-option to specify directories that should be searched for binary executables and dynamic libraries and symbol files typically. Spell Checking There are two ways to have the spelling in the text checked from ee. VTune Amplifier opens the source view at the beginning ee the selected OpenMP region in the pseudo function created by the Intel compiler.



Depending on your analysis target, you may choose either of the following usage models for KVM guest OS profiling: Always make a copy of files that cannot be easily reproduced before editing. To do this, choose the Lonux Task grouping level in the Graphics window, select an OpenCL kernel of interest and click the Architecture Diagram tab in the Timeline pane.

Installation packages for additional operating systems can be downloaded from the registration center. The cell is highlighted pink pinux there is a potential tuning opportunity. If you installed the VTune Amplifier XE on the remote system to a different location and need to specify another temporary directory, you need to set the following environment variable on the host before starting amplxe-gui: Search functionality for the grid views added to the toolbar Find button is available on the grid toolbar, which invokes the search dialog in the same way as Ctr-F.

Fill the form with your details. Paragraph Formatting Paragraphs are defined for ee by a block of text bounded by: When the master thread is executing a serial region, the slave threads in the OpenMP runtime are waiting for the next parallel region.

Internet Archive Search: subject:”ADSL”

Ability to collapse recursive functions in the Call Stack pane To collapse all recursive functions into one entry in the Call Stack pane – select the Collapse Recursion option from Context menu.


Find button is available on the grid toolbar, which invokes the search dialog in the same way as Ctr-F. Three metrics are collected: A license key will be sent to the email address you provide. Call stack collection is also now supported for Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. This is October, and in past years there’s been tons of fuss on “Halloween” documents.

A new multiplexing MUX reliability metric is now available for the General Exploration analysis type. You may set these modes via the initialization file see belowor with a menu see above.

Hyperlinks open the Bottom-up view sorted by the selected metric or directly to the selected function or OpenMP region. If it is almost the same as Transactional Cycles but not very smallthen most transactional regions are aborting and lock elision is not going to be beneficial.

For a detailed description and result interpretation instructions, please refer to the Memory Access Analysis and Interpreting Memory Usage Data product help topics.

Import externally linhx data Increase analysis by importing externally collected data into existing results.

Precise trace-based imbalance calculation that is especially useful for profiling of small region instances Imbalance of working threads on barriers is a major performance issue that prevents efficient CPU utilization by OpenMP applications.