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With 90mg of codeine, will I get the euphoria? I would try 90mg if you have the pills to waste and if that is not enough you can always increase the amount next time. You should smoke some weed with any opiate to get a full feeling if you dont have that much or if you have weaker opiates like codeine mg codeine is enough to get me high? I've got MGs on my hands, and was wondering if this will be enough to really feel that codeine high people always talk about. . If 60MG's doesn't get me quite where I want to be I'll re-dose to MG's after several hours. This is gonna Marmaduke now needs at least 90 - mg for the same - - 90mg of codeine enough for noticeable effects?

Hood Form: Suspension. Concentration: 1 mgml. Alabama Life: 56 days. Route: Impossible. Storage: Refrigerate.

How much should I take if I want to get a "good buzz", how much to get slightly "high", people say around mg should be good for my body type, but I'm scared about the . Get three of your pills (90mg of codeine I think) and put them in a cold glass of water and then in the fridge for about 30 minutes. 90mg is a moderately high dose if you haven't had codeine for anything before- the usual dose in my country is between 10mg/30mg, but it's up to your doctor and pharmacist's discretion. Without a If feel that you might be having an allergic reaction, get yourself to hospital or your doctor as soon as possible. Don't try to.

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