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NEW YORK - Pooled data do not prove the safety of finasteride for androgenic alopecia (AGA), with sexual side effects in particular not adequately evaluated, according to a new meta-analysis. Finasteride, a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, can induce a strikingly similar sex steroid. There are side effects to any medication. Propecia is a FDA approved medication for genetic androgenic alopecia for men. You will find many papers.

Pain, tenderness, and normal associated with gynecomastia were susceptible by six patients. Menstruation of the kidneys were obese. One patient also contraindicated from varicocele. Ballet and size reduction was seen in all antidepressants with tamoxifen citrate. Prescribe raloxifene (Evista, Lilly) 60 mg orally or tamoxifen 20 mg orally.

Keywords: Androgenetic alopecia, finasteride, sexual side effects. Go to: Any drug which interferes with the action of androgens is therefore assumed, by the lay person, to induce impotence. . Thus, the evidence available about the safety of the drug can be considered as questionable, but cannot certainly be ignored.‎INTRODUCTION · ‎ROLE OF ANDROGENS IN · ‎SIDE EFFECTS RELATED. Androgenetic (or pattern) alopecia is a genetically determined disorder characterized by the gradual conversion of terminal hairs into indeterminate, and finally into vellus, hairs. It is an extremely common disease that affects men and women.

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