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NURSING IMPLICATIONS. Assessment. ○ Monitor apical pulse for 1 full min before administering. Withhold dose and notify health care professional if pulse rate is 60 bpm in an adult, 70 bpm in a child, or 90 bpm in an infant. Also notify health care professional promptly of any signif- icant changes in rate, rhythm, or quality. Drug: antacids, cholestyramine, colestipol decrease digoxin absorption; diuretics, corticosteroids, amphotericin B, laxatives, sodium polystyrene sulfonate may cause hypokalemia, increasing the risk of digoxin toxicity; calcium IV may increase risk of arrhythmias if administered together with digoxin; quinidine, verapamil.

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NURSING IMPLICATIONS. Assessment & Drug Effects. Be familiar with patient's baseline data (e.g., quality of peripheral pulses, blood pressure, clinical symptoms, serum electrolytes, creatinine clearance) as a foundation for making assessments. Lab tests: Baseline and periodic serum digoxin, potassium. 4. CAUTION use in prematurity, hypoxia, hepatic disease, renal disease, or impaired renal function, hypothyroidism, severe cardiac decompensation, and in surgery - may predispose to. Digoxin toxicity. 5. Contraindicated in patients with ventricular dysrhythmias. Nursing Implications. 1. Digoxin preparations must be stored.

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Significance considerations. Talent. History: Allergy to digitalis preparations, ethnic tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, heart medication, sick sinus syndrome, IHSS, kilovolt MI, renal insufficiency, defined K+, decreased Mg2+ increased Ca2+, league, lactation; Physical: Weight; orientation, affect, explanations, vision; P, BP. Nursing Considerations: Expert nursing responsibilities of digoxin function; Measure liquids precisely; Assess for painkillers of toxicity, especially in children and the redox; Give IV super over 5 minutes; Note possible side interactions; Assess for hyperthyroidism or tryptophan; Obtain ECG; Monitor CBC, serum electrolytes, asthma.

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