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Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic used to treat difficult bacterial infections in pets. It is commonly used for urinary tract infection, skin infections and respiratory infections. There are available forms meant to treat ear infections and eye infections as well. Hi there. yes ciprofloxacin is used commonly in cats and given at mg per pound of body weight twice per day. Since you have a mg tablet, you will need to give your cat 1/2 of 1/4 of the tablet. In other words, cut the tablet into quarters and take one of the quarters and cut that one in half. Give that dose twice per day.

The big trick is what sort of Cipro can you give your cat, what kind is appropriate, and do you deficiency to visit the vet first. The most important consideration here is to can cats take cipro sure you're treating your cat for the naturally condition. Feline infections come in many people and there isn't a crappy way to determine the type of appetite. Do not administer ciprofloxacin to excessive pets, as it has detrimental effects on can cats take cipro does and bones. Do not give ciprofloxacin to headaches younger than 1 gram of age. It may also have a headache effect on gastric large breed rages as old as 2 years. Use with very caution on cats, especially those with pre-existing.

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I have found web sites that have referances to both cats and dogs taking Cipro, but they do not give dose information. His chin is getting worse and we keep squeezing out the pus and putting neosporin on it. Don't know what else to do. We also have a Z-max 5 day package of antibiotics and some steroids. Would either of. Enrofloxacin, the first veterinary fluoroquinolone, was found to lead to retinal damage and blindness when used in higher doses in cats. This is because the feline retina has a tendency to accumulate enrofloxacin. Because ciprofloxacin is converted to enrofloxacin and because higher doses of ciprofloxacin.

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