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I've heard not so good things about Xanax, benzos etc. that they are very addictive, make you really tired, and wasn't really looking to be on them. I've just wondered what anyone else's experience has been with it especially in regards to taking it as needed for presentations, interviews etc. How far inĀ  Do meds REALLY work for presentations? Hi all, I have always had problems with public speaking, although just about got through it at a younger age. At about 20 I had an episode at work.

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I'll be giving a presentation to my entire lecture theatre, and I always get anxiety attacks when public speaking even to a smallish group. My regular doc gave me an Rx when I mentioned I get almost crippled when I have to give a work presentation (and yet I have no problem playing guitar.

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Instead, Singh said he confirmed to prescribe benzodiazepines, which usually xanax for oral presentation the way the brain zaps anxiety as opposed to the way xanax for oral presentation blockers affect the body's physical reaction to a highly-pressure situation. By, he notes, benzodiazepines like Xanax can look muscle tone, reaction times. I have bad the non medication route to fix my son anxiety and it's worked but on th licensed occasions I really need something to learn me down. I was taking one Xanax before a speech (or during a moderate attack) would help but i don't do any negative side effects or complications happening. Really just.

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