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Concerta and Adderall are very similar in treating ADHD. Some people may respond better to one drug than the other. It's important to share your full health history with your doctor. Tell them about all medications, vitamins, or supplements you take. This will help your doctor prescribe the right drug for you.‎Concerta vs. Adderall · ‎Dosage · ‎Side effects · ‎Risk groups. Adderall and Concerta are both stimulant medications used for the treatment of ADHD. Though they act in Determining which is better of the two - Concerta and Adderall, is not an easy task. By doing this, the transporters remove the amphetamines rather than the neurotransmitters from the spaces between the neurons.‎Adderall · ‎Concerta · ‎Studies and Researches · ‎Concerta Side Effects.

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Although this review included a number of different types of amphetamines (lisdexamfetamine, dextroamphetamine, and mixed amphetamine salts) there was no evidence that one kind of amphetamine was any better than another. Trials were of too short a duration to predict safety with long term use and. One person may find that Adderall works better than Concerta, but another may find that Concerta produces a longer, smoother effect. Many people complain of experiencing an “Adderall crash” when the effect wears off, but this “crash” may not be as prominent among Concerta users due to the drug's novel.

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