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I understand this is used an an antidepressant and to cease smoking, but I have also read that its a substituted amphetamine and that aspect of the drug is what I am interested in. I keep looking around and all I find is antidepressant related articles and I just wanna know the recreational value of Wellbutrin  Drug info - - Wellbutrin: a dangerous recreational amphetamine. However, saying bupropion is recreational is a bit of a stretch IMO, and the ammounts needed to probably obtain any euphoric effects would almost certainly cause a seizure, as Wellbutrin lowers the seizure threshold (in fact, many people have had seizures from therapeutic dosages alone.) In short, you might achieve some  Has anybody out here ever tried Welbutrin [Archive].

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DOSE: T+ , mg, oral, Pharms - Bupropion, (pill / tablet). T+ , mg, insufflated, Pharms - Bupropion, (pill / tablet). T+ , g, smoked, Cannabis, (plant . Over all I would not recomend it as a recreational drug due to the intense depresion when combined with a marijuana or alchohal. Recreational users of bupropion crush the pills and inject or inhale the drug to achieve what has been described as a crack cocaine-like “high”, however some individuals report a less intense effect. The duration of the “high” is relatively brief and it is common for other drugs to be ingested simultaneously (e.g. – mixed with.

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Pretend your healthcare professional (e.wellbutrin recreational dosage or pharmacist) for more in serum. SYMPATHOMIMETICS (INDIRECT. Hernia wellbutrin recreational dosage medical information for Concerta Flowing on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, resources, warnings and user ratings. Concerta and headaches Concerta. If anyone people get headaches do you have any others other then Ibuprofen that works for you. Thanx for any documentation.