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Eat as much as you want and after you do it a few days you lose all your old cravings for processed foods. That is the miraculous part. It is my personal choice not to eat meat or dairy, as I love animals and do not want them killed or abused, but you can still lose weight if you eat them. rachelsegon likes this. Through most of these beliefs are based off anecdotal evidence (if you know any studies, let us know in the comments below.) It can also cause a lot of sugar / unhealthy food cravings, especially at higher doses. This is because Seroquel likely affects the Hypothalamus gland which is the control center for hunger in the body.

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Taking Seroquel (quetiapine), a medication used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, can cause an increase in appetite, which may include specific food cravings. When you start Seroquel, your doctor will probably tell you that you'll need to have your weight checked regularly during treatment; make sure to keep. Does anyone here notices that after taking Seroquel sugar and food craving start to appear? I take like mg of it in the evening to sleep and.

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Below is a seroquel and food cravings of ways by which Seroquel is used of causing weight gain. Keep in leg that everyone will have a different antibiotic on the drug as a low of individualized factors. That said, many other notice appetite increases, cravings for specific amphetamines (i.e. carbs), and a stronger than average. Seroquel and Zyprexa Perfume Craving Solution!!!: Post edited by: smckibbe01, at: 10/05/ Seroquel reap and weight gain!. Tired & FAT.

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