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I'm just curious because my friend offered to take me on his friends CRJ today but i had to say no because my doctor said i can not fly in an airplane when on prednisone. I remember in He had to quickly taper me off it so i could go to poland. But i've googled it and havent had many answers. I'm after some advice regarding long haul flights whilst taking prednisolone, and the risk of DVT. I've done multiple long haul flights since being on pred and am contemplating another half dozen this summer. I've never had any . How did you manage big time zone changes and your prednisone dose?

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The most commonly prescribed steroids are prednisolone and dexamethasone. What if I become unwell whilst taking steroids? These travel tips are intended to provide general information to those who take steroids and are planning to travel abroad. Although I was feeling draggy, from the medication, I decided to take my Rappy out for a couple of flights. (against my wifes advice) I found out rather quickly, that my reflexes and coordination were not up to par. Apparantly the Prednisone alters your better judgement, also!! I decided to do a couple of loops.

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