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There are a number of theories and suggestions as to why this code switching occurs, including: We do know that code switching in general starts very young. Archived from the original on November 1, One of the most prominent search words for this site is 'lisp'. Comfortable words The code switchers' behaviour warrants a brief comment. Jack also uses terminology that many might consider to be characterized as 'gay'. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America,

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Whatever the reason, lisping in gay men certainly helps straight people with their gaydar!

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Sean Crist also wrote a clever satirical story about Rusty. As well, there has been correspondence from academic researchers in the areas of communication sciences, linguistics and psychology, studying the relationship between human sexuality and speech development, speech patterns, semantics, pragmatics and communicative style or register. Our words need to be right, our body language, demeanour and behaviour need to be appropriate, and the way we speak - our "register", or communicative style - should reflect our own status and the status of the person we are talking to. They ask whether there any give-away signs in the behaviour of boys who lisp that might lead the SLPs treating them to think that they might grow up to identify as gay? In 62 per cent of the cases the listeners identified the sexual orientation of the speakers correctly. Do I Sound Gay?

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My research has shown that there is a recognizable form of gay speech. Lakes freeze less and melt faster thanks to climate change Jan. They were all boys like me who kept movie star scrapbooks and made their own curtains. They learn at a very young age how to sound like a parent as they tuck a baby doll into bed. They asked people to listen to recordings of 25 men, 17 of them gay. Little children will adapt their communicative style, or 'code switch' when they talk to babies or to children whom they perceive to be 'younger'. Gay male speechparticularly within North American Englishhas been the focus of numerous modern stereotypes, as well as sociolinguistic studies.

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