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And his acting range is very very narrow. I gets stale, because he finds the littlest detail or tries to overlook the obvious just to prove his point. To play it realistically, under our circumstances, you have to honour what the audience is seeing. No one cares if they are together or not. Is sam west gay? And making a shitload of money.

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He wasn't seen with Jon again for a couple of weeks, meantime he's at other events with the ex.

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But don't expect everyone think the same way. And if this shit bothers him, he's in the wrong fucking business. No singer sam cooke was not gay. Rob Pursey, one of the creators of the BBC series, came to visit us on set and I was having a conversation with him about this. You can so tell. I don't understand your nephew's problem with that, R

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He's playing a game by trying to hide his sexual orientation. Luke been going there for a while. R - as far as I know, Luke has never had Botox. Besides this I watch Hollywood movies and love to listen hip hop music. He should be more like Henry Cavill and just hook up, when they are in town or filming.

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