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I must not get it because what is right does not mean a half black half white man is President of the U. There is a minimum quota for black people at every job. Posted by GS Report as abusive. It would be nice if our new President would repudiate such hateful remarks. I think the reverend Lowery should pray for guidance. It was not that serious mkay………. This double standard will be the undoing and finish of america.

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I am an Asian guyand i think we are very mellow, but after all that was a funny rhyme.

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Tuesday Afternoon Thread: Rev Joseph Lowery Shares Views on Same-Sex Marriage

But overall, it was fine with me, a white guy. King, especially considering George W. Posted by duke Report as abusive. Archived from the original on January 24, More insults for the whites. Lowery has advocated for LGBT civil rights, [4] including civil unions and, insame-sex marriage.

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And East Asian folks, as usual, will let the insult roll off their backs, and suffer continued racism in silence, as they always do. Just roll your eyes at another racist old man and get on with it. Shame on those who misuse their powers by either promoting it, or not brave enough to speak out against it. Posted by Rosa Sanson Report as abusive. I see it in graffiti. Millions without health insurance.

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