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Trans March on Washington postponed until September. The Nuclear Winter of our discontent. Want to know what leaders from the HRC, the nation's largest LGBT organization, think of the odds the court's justices will hand down pro same-sex marriage opinions in those cases? Khoo went to sleep at 10 p. The new logo would set Facebook records for the number of people changing their profile pictures to a single image or in a single time period; HRC tweets in line with the campaign would set records on Twitter. It would go on to see a percent increase in traffic andunique visitors in 12 hours. Information can be found at mdlgbt.

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If so, I can fill you in -- thanks to an event held Wednesday morning by the Maryland Corporate Council, an LGBT business organization founded last year to build networking opportunities for the state's gay business community.

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Multi-Chamber Power Networking Breakfast 2.0

Bipartisan group of lawmakers introduce bills to protect transgender servicemembers. Moulton, the HRC's legal director, offered a quick recap of the different possibilities in the two cases. Rehoboth theater seeks support for new building. Speaking of the crowd: They could rule on narrow legal grounds, such as the legal standing of some parties in the cases. The chamber will offer networking opportunities, business development efforts within the LGBT community, and educational programming to its members. Curious to know what Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler thinks of the direction the state and the nation are headed in terms of gay rights?

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The HRC launched the tweaked image at 2 p. Right now, they have aboutwith an average of about 20 to 30 at each event. Babs Siperstein, pioneering N. Gansler, who described himself as a "dyed-in-the-wool, drink-the-Kool-Aid Obama fan" who helped run the president's first Maryland campaign, said Obama's initial public stance on same-sex marriage wasn't genuine -- but more a reflection of what was possible politically at the time. Gansler said his two teenage sons "don't even understand the issue" that people take with same-sex marriage. The event marking the launch will take place on June 14 at 6 p.

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