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That was exhausting. How wonderful it would have been for millions of children to have known that Dumbledore was gay from the beginning of the series -- and to have grown up with that knowledge woven into the books. Okay yeah the Harry potter lady. Of course, as time went on, heterosexual romances were featured in the written series. Has Rowling committed the classic writer crime of telling and not showing? Movie studios and companies like Netflix have become experts in stretching your attention:

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This makes any apparently superficial affiliation look opportunistic -- especially when it is not backed up by any "visible" evidence. Dobby can deepthroat a Nimbus — David Hughes david8hughes March 17, About Thomson Reuters Foundation. Just as there was much ire last year when the director of "Fantastic Beasts:

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And the idea that in a school filled with hundreds of teenagers -- let alone the wider world they later explore -- Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger might not meet an openly LGBTQ person at any point is laughable.

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