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Most of the playable characters in The Last Resurrection are bisexual or lesbian, whereas all of the villains are straight. Though given the amount of crap most of those kids go through before they even enroll it's honestly kind of true. The main cast of Boy Meets Boy consists of a gay couple, a bisexual guy, a heterosexual guy secretly in love with the bisexual guy, and the couple's landlady. ICE ; when there are no men anymore, what are the remaining women to do? This was The L Word. Visual Novels. Additionally, one of the player's major allies, TOMCAT, identifies as nonbinary as can the player character, if you so choose.

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Remember when Tara died on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Despite having a long history of gay characters — including the first ever gay kiss on UK television — it had been since that EastEndersone of the most popular British shows, had featured a gay storyline. Maupin's editor told him that under no circumstances could more than half the cast be gay.

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Mack's trademark backwards baseball cap and interest in STEM fields screamed masculine-of-center boi, but the show first aired inin the pre-lesbian era before Ellen.

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