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Came back after he was too much of a pussy for them and lost his first match back to John Cena, even though he spent the whole match kicking the shit out of Cena. Giant drooling fatass that spits everywhere and can barely move around in the ring. Hornswoggle is related to everyone. Because of this most of TNA's talent are old fucks who injure themselves by walking. Pretty asian girls are known for their brutal matches too. It is rumored that she shouts "wassup" while giving R-Truth blowjobs. Got his ass handed to him by Chris Jericho IRLmaking him the real life equivalent of an internet tough guy.

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Thanks to the WWE, you can say goodbye to lesbian scenes in mainstream wrestling.

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Professional Wrestling

It's more like a showcase of skill. Now he is a boring commentator that doesn't even talk most of the time on Raw. A male camwhore who sodomizes himself and his opponents with a selfie stick. Married to one of the Uso twins. Was well known for having a bullshit undefeated streak that came to an end after getting tazed by Kevin Nash. Now slaps and rapes his teammate Erick Rowan.

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Currently getting fucked in the ass by his tag-team partner Rhyno. Pretty asian girls are known for their brutal matches too. Was in an irrelevant tag team with fellow masked spic Kalisto. Unfortunately, however, he survived and continues to torture WWE's audience on a weekly basis. Won the ugly Universal Championship on his third match on the main roster making Smarks jizz in their pants.

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