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It's more society that's really scaring him into denying who he is. However, after Burt receives a phone call labeling his son "a fag", Kurt intentionally misses the song's high note in order to lose the competition and save his father from further harassment. On November 20,Colfer made an announcement on Twitter, encouraging fans to support Heifer International and help families out of poverty. Most enjoyable, however, was a tenderness Kurt added to the song that I don't think could have been duplicated by any other member of this ensemble. Then, the puppet leaves them alone, again, after giving them a heart-shaped box which has fruit, among other things, for them.

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Kurt appears in Rachel's dream in the same outfit he wore in the first season "diva-off".

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Dave and Santana at prom In Prom Queenthey go to the prom together. Entertainment Wise. Kurt puts those he cares about before his own wants, despite his superficial exterior, as in Wheels where he throws a high note, thus giving up a solo in order to spare his father the stress of being ridiculed for his son singing a girl's song, and somewhat in Laryngitistrying to change himself so that he and his father can better relate and because he felt that he wasn't doing enough to help his dad feel comfortable though this all may or may not be a cover-up. The sixth and final installment, The Land of Stories:

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While the look does get Finn's attention, Finn admits that he prefers Rachel as she normally is.

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