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Therefore, we have decided to share a resource that many have recommended to us in their own search for a local, affirming Christian congregation:. Inclusion was made…a shot was literally heard around the world, and the echo is even now growing…. The pastor feels that he is just doing his bit and doing it publicly. Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Acceptance February 11, We expect every person to be moving closer to seeing Christ fully formed in their lives. Ones who probably feel better worshiping somewhere else truly on the Franklin Pike in Williamson County, perhaps across the road…. What did surprise him was the large number of people who agreed with his actions but came under strong family and social pressure to leave GracePointe Church.

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MassResistance coming to help!

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The Christian Post

They knew that it was grossly unfair to ask them to stay hidden inside a closet because other congregants would not be able to tolerate LGBTQI people for a host of reasons, not just religious ones. Progressive-leaning folks have a learned tendency to do just that in the smartphone era and the Reverend Stan Mitchell plans to keep an eye out for that. He smiles, and says that he likes to employ the use of adjectives instead of nouns for this answer. Workout Free of the Gym. Mitchell and other worship leaders at GracePointe had already been struggling in private with the issue of how to move forward to the full inclusion of LGBTQI people in their church. When word of an upcoming vote got out, local parents asked Brian Camenker of MassResistance to come to Franklin County and be part of the fight!

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We do not accept unsolicited requests to add additional resources to our website except from locals and local organizations who are friends of PFLAG Nashville. The LGBT movement turned up the heat. He professed a fundamentalist Christian viewpoint toward the LGBTQI community until roughly twenty years ago when he began to directly engage many of us while pastoring another local church. Soon they will have no more excuses. From the "love and tolerance" crowd:

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