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God has another angel looking down on all of us. Sorry to say you are wrong about me on every count. This is not a religious issue or a political issue, its a women's issue. Re-send your comment in upper and lower-case characters, not all capitals. Have a wonderful winter and a blessed spring. Other examples of this phenomenon include Davie Village in the heart of Vancouver 's gay community.

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For example, okaying abortions and removing God from life and okaying same-sex marriages plus being liberal enough to free molestors, etc.

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Howard, but I had to put in 2 more cents. You can't just go off and do whatever you damn well please in a civilized society. Which country would you then be shipped off to? I just understand where they get their feelings from and in "some" cases why they are the way they are. In one case, I know someone who now swears by their therapist but in my estimation, only because that therapist only told them what they WANTED to hear, not what was right or wrong or good for them.

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Hmmm, the "moral majority" lies and twists facts. We disagree with the good ole' boys so we MUST hate our country, of course. There is a well-known public fact about this mayor and here you praise him and his family. Everything you think and do you worry about what society might think. I read the newspaper every day. In these cases, the establishment of a LGBT community has turned some of these areas into more expensive neighborhoods, a process known as gentrification — a phenomenon in which LGBT people often play a pioneer role. Bush specifically requested not to go overseas and Cheney had five deferments.

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