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I t did not end there, and Melani now hotly disputes the plaintiffs' recounting of what went on that day. Melani told me right up front that playing against straight teams in the Portland city leagues has convinced him it's important to have a cap on straight players for NAGAAA's premier annual event. Just look at what happened to the guys in this case. At least my wife and I will be roadtripping up after A-Camp! Seawest Mixed League - Bowls Monday at 7: We believe that having a sense of team over the individual is what makes us strong year after year and that rugby gives us the opportunity to better ourselves both on and off the field. Wages tend to reflect that reality, however, it can be hard to make ends meet for many people.

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There is a fairly large transgendered population as well.

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Queer Girl City Guide: Seattle, Washington

D2 was cheating, the rumors went, and doing so in a way that is unique to the world of organized gay sports. This event is great for people watching and relaxing after a long weekend of partying. Held randomly throughout the year at Chop Suey. Open late nights, too, for your drunken breakfast food cravings. I second the Center for Sex Positive Culture. At the Gay Softball World Series, anyone could buy a ticket regardless of race or sexual orientation, but not everyone was allowed on the field.

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The club held fundraisers to defray hotel and airfare costs for getting people to Seattle. The Gay Softball World Series was under way, an alternate universe of competitive sports that moves each year to a different city, bringing with it nearly gay softball teams from across the United States and Canada, as well as thousands of spectators. Sundays the Rose has a great brunch, Happy Hour, and shows a few of the sports games, depending on the season. NCLR lawyers allege that at the tribunal, Charles and the two other D2 members had their privacy unlawfully invaded and were illegally discriminated against based on their sexual orientation and race. They also host queer cinema events throughout the year.

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