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Jun 4 27 photos. The three Radarsat satellites will monitor resources and the effects of climate change across Canada. Six months after same-sex marriage became legal in Australia, none of the disasters the "no" side warned about have come to fruition, but there is still some way to go to achieve real equality. Groundbreaking journalism at the Guardian over the past three years — video. Chancellor Angela Merkel voted against measure, but softened her stance recently, allowing her party members to vote their "conscience".

recent articles on gay marriage
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The Trump administration is sending an additional troops to the Middle East amid increased tension with Iran.

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Roger Lockyer: Taiwan holds first gay marriages in historic day for Asia. The dangerous bacteria can infect wounds in your skin — and even the seafood you eat. Alabama chief justice suspended for stopping same-sex marriages.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg opposes all abortion, even after a woman is raped.

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