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Please login or register to read this article. Experts say rules are too unclear in light of rise of online commercial checking services. I found the consistent theme of relationship problems at the beginning of the book to be depressing, but as you get deeper into the stories near the end, they are really wonderful to read! Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. The relationship was between the anthropologist Michael Dorris and his student Louise Erdrich, whose writing had won him over. The biographers Sylvia Jukes Morris and Edmund Morris, at the start of their literary careers in New York, recall Reader's Digest assigning them to produce copy at the rate of 17 cents a word, causing Edmund to wonder if they might charge for punctuation marks, too. The stories are easy to read, yet the language is not simplistic.

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Dale Salwak brings together 26 essays, which are mostly entertaining and almost all newly commissioned.

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Sarah Peverley thrills to a lavish overview of the strange world of bestiaries. Throughout their relationship, Erdrich and Dorris edited and contributed to each other's writing. Surprisingly good, interesting to read. Working Men by Michael Dorris.

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I really enjoyed the two stories about the Native Americans.

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