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First, Flake wrote that the EPA proposed rule did not make a distinction between waterways that flow all year or just part of the year. After the election in which Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives largely due to the unpopularity of the war in Iraq, Flake changed his position on the Iraq War to one of cautious opposition, [75] including voting against appropriations. They hold a majority but that dwindled to a single vote while McCain stayed in Arizona for much of this year being treated for the brain cancer that killed him on August Flake succeeded retiring Republican U. This is our only reasonable option. I urge support for the resolution.

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Kolbe Giffords Barber Franks Lesko.

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Gay marriage in play as 2004 issue

This article is about the U. Some establishment figures have changed course, with Rob Portman last week becoming the first sitting GOP senator to endorse gay marriage, after learning that his son is gay. Flake easily defeated his primary challenger. At a congressional hearing featuring General David PetraeusFlake said, "I still have a hard time seeing the big picture and what constitutes success [in Iraq]. A lot of us dove into the dugout and tried to get as many as we could, but at that point, there was firing behind us from the security detail, the Capitol Police, and I started yelling back, 'are you friendly?

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Jeff Flake has used the phrase "traditionally conservative Republican " to describe his political preference. He is known as a vocal critic of President Donald Trumpbut has generally voted in line with Trump's position. Congress by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Colorado Senator Cory Gardner that would exempt individuals or corporations in compliance with state cannabis laws from federal enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act. Retrieved March 2, Does he realize that same-sex marriage would not require him to leave his wife and marry a man?

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