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Be honest with the person Who your in love with, Then you may have some closure if they do not feel the same way, But honestly is always best policy else it eat you up inside. He made it clear he was unhappy with you continuing to have sex with your partner and encouraged you to give that relationship up and yet, ultimately, he was clearly not prepared to take the same steps for himself that he advocated for you. Move forward. What I have just described to you is the Kinsey Scale. Doing so could only make your attractions stronger. Ever since I was in grade 3 I've had a crush on a guy who stuck up for me when I was bullied. There are online assessments you can take to help make a determination.

im gay in love with straight
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Definitely worth it in my opinion.

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There's no crime in loving a straight person! And then it happened. So I ended my four-year relationship and a few days later, he told his partner he wanted to break up, but he that would stay in the family home for the sake of their teenage son.

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The club of gay people who have been in love with a straight.

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