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I had followed the forum for past 2 months, It is great and I propose that we can share the freelancer contact through PM, what is your ideal?

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I quitted this after getting burnt in a relationship with an Indon hooker. As I looked at my watch again, he came with 2 China dolls. I just shut my eyes damn tight and crinch my teeth when she massages my inner thighes for the first few times but later it didn't hurt at all. I seriously doubt that. She demanded money up front and I gave her RM

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There was an Indian girl there who was very good at BJs. Now it's Monday and trip is over. She will go home in 5 months time. I will be in Bangkok soon with a friend that goes both ways and she really wants to know…. So last night I was back in Topaz at Summit Hotel and ordered my usual. It caught me by surprise, but M gave me an assurance, she's a very good friend. Medan, Sumatera Island, Indonesia.