Gay fatherhood

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It was still early, but we couldn't resist telling our families and close friends. We ended up with a very complex document. And neither do my daughters, because I've never broken the news to them. I approached surrogacy with apprehension. They won't say, "Darling, you're just as old as you feel. But we're all adults here, right?

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The children in three of the families are African-American boys.

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Pride and Parenting: Gay Fatherhood in America

Then there is Karl and Max and me and our own little world. Not only is the issue of how gay fathers are perceived and treated by the straight world addressed, but so too is the awkward fit, at least for these pioneers, into established urban gay culture — for example, in the Castro District of San Francisco — and the ambivalence of gay men who leave that bohemian milieu for the suburbs. I was also starting to acknowledge that I had some control issues, and that I found it hard to let go. It lends an unbiased ear to the struggles of gay men seeking fatherhood. We also started to talk about "our arrangement".

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She sent us straight to the hospital. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Of the men Lewin interviewed, those who had adopted internationally had children from Guatemala, where there are no specific restrictions for single men adopting and often, the children are very young when put up for adoption. It wouldn't have sounded appealing to me years ago. Liam and Matthew, a couple from San Francisco, adopted a little girl in the late s in the midst of the AIDS crisis when few would have given their children to gay men to be raised. It lends an unbiased ear to the struggles of gay men seeking fatherhood by any means necessary. The narratives spun by the fathers show a more conservative and altruistic side than is usually attributed to gay men, making this fascinating book a true treasure.

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