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Hoddeson, Lillian; Henriksen, Paul W. Touching the runway hard, the heavy B slewed left and towards a row of parked B bombers before the pilots managed to regain control. Also on board were the following additional mission personnel: McVay III 's quarters. On 5 Augustduring preparation for the first atomic mission, Tibbets assumed command of the aircraft and named it after his mother, Enola Gay Tibbets, who, in turn, had been named for the heroine of a novel.

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“Enola Gay”, “Bockscar” & “Fifi” – Famous B-29’s

Critically low on fuel, Bockscar barely made it to the runway at Yontan Airfield on Okinawa. Garber of the Smithsonian Institution, became concerned about the Enola Gay ' s condition, [34] and on 10 AugustSmithsonian staff began dismantling the aircraft. The bomb, representing the end of World War II and suggesting the height of American power was to be celebrated. Moving the instrumentation from The Great Artiste to Bockscar would have been a complex and time-consuming process, and when the second atomic bomb mission was moved up from 11 August to 9 August because of adverse weather forecasts, the crews of The Great Artiste and Bockscar instead exchanged aircraft. Clouds and drifting smoke resulted in a secondary target, Nagasakibeing bombed instead.

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The forward fuselage went on display on 28 June The aircraft was flown to the Museum on 26 Septemberand its original markings were restored nose art was added after the mission. Enola Gay remained at Suitland for many years. Enola Gay was personally selected by Colonel Paul W. United States Department of Energy.

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